2017 so far….

So far this year i have improved my time on the Newark Park Run by 2 mins and its the 4th time I’ve completed it in 2 years. I have signed up for the Lincoln 10k, Great North Run, Derby Half Marathon and finally the Holkham Half Outlaw. In sporting events the only other one i want to complete is an Ironman.

Business is going well and looking to expand as we take new clients on in various industries. We have extensive knowledge in the waste management arena. 360 ITs are focussing mainly on smart web technologies and providing businesses with a means to work smarter. Its important for our clients to have the advantage of the web and to utilise it

Great Run today at the Newark Park Run – 24:38

This was the second time I have done the Newark Park Run and managed a great time of 24:38. This was 1 min quick than when I ran it 2 years ago.

I felt good while running and not too many twinges from the knees. Now its time to start training for the Holkham Half Outlaw. I want to do another Ironman tho.