An #Underdogstorey #MentalHealthAwarnessWeek

Its mental health week and a lot of famous people are telling their stories. Everyone struggles and its how we handle them. I know i drink too much, I’m also the one that is the last to bed and the first up in a morning. I run the furtherest and push myself harder to find my limits.

So i want to start my journey now, I’m not one to dwell on the past.

Ive always been ambitious and from the age of 20 i want to earn a million by 30, that didn’t happen. Plenty of things have and experiences i don’t want to repeat, so the next plan was a million before 35, i have 140 days. Life is not about money but i love a challenge, whether that is sport, money or anything else, tonight i started up i want to offer the industry something they have never had before. Intelligent Management, this can apply to many industries but I’m going to test it here as i have 8 years experience and worked on developing the systems.

I have 68 days until my white collar challenge and if any one knows me, I’m not a fighter but wanted something different to challenge me. The training starts soon so look out for the posts.

I have 54 days until a half ironman event, thats 1.2 mile swim, 56mile bike and 13 mile run. hmmm, this isn’t going to be easy so lets see what happens. The ex girlfriend got rid of the wet suit and the trisuit needs replacing, so lots to save for and work hard for

We have 21 days till the Nottingham 10K, this is a smaller event, but all a build up for the next few weeks, a week after that we have the Derby Ramathon, which is 13 miles. I can run, but i want to improve on what i have done previously. Serious training is needed and the reason this needs to be recorded.

I have the landlady from hell, i have never seen such a waste in post it notes on doors and items. There will be more to follow on this but i have handed my notice in so have till the end of the month to find a new place to live. My ex-girlfriend is on tinder and selling herself as desperate, i hope she finds what she’s looking for, but selling yourself as a lil’ minx isn’t classy